Two nights ago, I found myself staring down at the lifeless body of a 70-year old man. The sight was sobering. As another neighbor and I tried to revive him, I was reminded of this post. The paramedics eventually arrived, and the man was brought back after nearly 25 minutes of tireless work. The event shook me. Life is precious, friends. And you never know what each sunrise will bring or take.

Liesl Whitaker

Last night, I spent quite a while in my living room with my headphones on, an act I usually reserve to tune out of my present surroundings in order to be overcome with the distraction and emotion of music. Earlier, I had no need to tune out as I spent the evening actively working in my house. The rain spilled across my roof and down my windows as I scurried about, cleaning carpets, doing laundry and wiping down countertops. General busy work. But I kept coming back to the rain, it’s sound, soothing, yet reminding me of something. I continued with my household diligence, the rain relentlessly droning in the back of my mind. And then I realized what it was.

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