Gratitude…It’s Enough

If we all belong to the Infinite, then we need no further justification for our existence. Explaining the miracle of life is impossible for our limited genesis. The spark that lit us up from the moment we came to be has never been recreated from an empty human page. Therefore, we are part of what has always been from the beginning, created by a Power that we are incapable of wrapping our heads around other than knowing It exists.

I’ve been trapped in a belief that my life comes with a debt to be paid in value, that I must measure up to a certain standard dictated by a mysterious judge somewhere. I’ve bought into this quest that has been spoonfed to me through culture, religion and other forms of outside control.

But if life is truly a gift, then these teachings are false. Gifts, by definition, are given freely. Gifts don’t have strings attached. If they do, they’re not really gifts. They’re no more than control mechanisms – an “IOU” with a pretty bow attached.

If all life shares a common spark, then all life is a gift. Not just human life, but the birds, the grass, the bugs, the moss – all life. All one big gift. No strings attached.

So it’s enough just to be. The quest for an impactful purpose is no more necessary for humankind than it is for a mushroom that sprouts from decay: it just happens.

Why do we hold our human selves to some higher standard? Why can’t we be content to just be? Why have I spent so many of my years on this other side of my experiences and pain searching for a purpose? Isn’t it enough just to be my best self in my very messy human condition?

I think I’ll try putting down the binoculars, and focus on the foreground instead of the horizon. Because no matter how hard I try, the horizon is unattainable; I will never get there. That I know for sure.

How many of us go through life just like this? Why do we place so much pressure upon ourselves and our children?

I have no idea what’s coming – what’s in store. It might be wonderful. It might sucker punch me. But whatever it is, I’ll handle it. I’ll move through it with all the grace I can muster up in the moment (which may be some or none). I’ll make mistakes, and I’ll create triumphs. And then I’ll move on. I don’t need to know where I’m going or who I’ll bump into. I just need to move. Keep moving.

The search for your life’s great work is a myth. Just be kind, practice love, do no harm, teach empathy and be available. Feed the pangs of creativity when they arise. Share honesty and honestly. Be uncomfortable in those painful moments. They’re only moments, after all. You don’t need to look for a reason to be here. You’re life was GIVEN to you. You owe nothing for it except to say, “Thank you”, as you would for any gift. Absorb life’s wonder and wrenching: you may not get a tomorrow.

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3 Responses to Gratitude…It’s Enough

  1. Joan Fitzgerald says:

    So glad to see a new article! Keep healing!


  2. MT says:

    You’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Moving froward!


  3. Bruckner8 says:

    Right on, Liesl! I feel ya on all that. See ya Thursday!


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