About Me

I am a professional jazz and commercial musician who likes to write. I am an imperfect single mom who is trying to make my way through my world, past and present, without damaging it or the people around me. The path to my own understanding encounters many roadblocks along the way, and I write to work around or through these walls and cliffs. Sometimes they are enormous, and at other times, they are barely noticeable. As a member of the United States Army, I have the unique distinction of being a “soldier musician” as well as a civilian musician.  The combination of the two certainly creates an interesting backdrop to my life, as I juggle a career and a family, just like everyone else.  I hope you will find something that resonates in your own life in what you read here.

5 Responses to About Me

  1. mark taylor says:

    Great writing Liesl, proud of you and your service! Keep it up!



  2. Wayne Humbyrd says:

    Huge fan Liesel. As a former Army Band trumpeter 79-82′ I have followed your career. I weote an article for jazz times a few years back about you and Ingrid Jensen. Keep weiting and playing. You do both beautifully!


  3. Ronald Feltman says:

    Have a great life Liesl!
    Ron Feltman


  4. Mike Ruford says:

    I remember bringing my daughter to see you play at Kenton’s Christmas. I wanted her to see a female out wailing the 6’2” dudes next to you. We were just talking about you tonight! We hope all is well.


  5. Tristan CAIRO says:

    I write you this message to say that I loved your music playing, my name is Tristan I’m 17 and I play the bassoon, I would like to do a video chat with you for me to discover the trumpet, because this is a beautiful instrument.
    Tristan CAIRO.


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