I began writing while on the previous Fall tour with the Jazz Ambassadors as a way of organizing my thoughts as they flourished wildly through my mind.  It quickly became a way of coping with the road while simultaneously creating an archive of my travels.  Originally, I wrote to a close actor friend of mine in New York City as a way of sharing details of just what it was that I did from day to day (sometimes, from hour to hour).   The response I received from him, time and time again was, “Liesl, you should write”.  So that’s what I’ve decided to do:  to share those thoughts created back in the fall as well as those I have yet to put down on paper (or in this electronic medium, if you will).

This blog is a work in progress, and I’m sure I’ll revamp its layout over and over again.  My plan is to simultaneously present the past experiences of the 2012 Fall Tour with some daily thoughts and/or recaps.  So try to hang with me as I go.  I’m sure that after I’m able to “catch up” to present day, the posts will make more sense as they become more or less chronological.  I could excuse the past writings, but truthfully, I don’t want to!  I think many of you may enjoy reading about what it was that we, the Jazz Ambassadors, were experiencing as we toured your area, what we did in our free road time, as well as how we prepare and execute future tours.  I also plan to include various missives of my civilian gigs – they can be quite entertaining and fruitful as well!  Road life is very challenging but also, extremely rewarding.  Likewise, home life is a constant balance of families with freelancing.  Perhaps there are those of you out there who are considering a career in jazz music, in the Army, or on the road.  Maybe you’ll find these recounts helpful as you mull over just what you’d imagine your career’s progression to be.  Real life feedback is a valuable tool.

So I hope you will enjoy my thoughts here, and feel free to follow – the more, the merrier!

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